Virtual Reality is the future of interaction and immersion but the usage of VR headsets is still not ubiquitous. Smart phones are overcoming the barriers of entry to VR by bringing YouTube 360 VR experiences to everyone.
On PC/MAC/Smartphones you can view 360 videos direct on YouTube.

On VR headsets or Smartphones, YouTube allows you to view 360 videos in VR.

With Covid-19, YouTube and the immersive industry have seen a huge spike in not only viewing 360 experiences, but the adoption and creation of more 360 experiences by many different creative companies and regular companies.

A lot of things have happened in the last few months for Scenegraph, and 1 of the biggest things is moving into our new office @ The Bloom Building, hiring our new creative designer, and bringing on some awesome new clients.

a group of people posing for the camera

For joining The Bloom Building, we wanted to help out and organised the creation of a Fireworks VR show for BonFireNight.

Now with the Tier-3 lockdowns in Merseyside, and events not taking place, we got to thinking that YouTube 360 would be the best choice to getting the experience to the most viewers.

We have been working hard for the release on 5th November.

Keep posted for a detailed blog post on how we created the experience.

In short, we took a 3D scan made using Matterport, captured by Hi-Impact who scanned the Bloom Building before we moved into the place, imported the 3D model into Unreal Engine, set up the scene, created the custom 3D fireworks in Unreal, and now rendering out in glorious 360.

If you want your own, send an email through our contact form – Here.

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