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Friday 19th August, Scenegraph Studios, joined with Focal Studios and Start-Yard to put on a small event to propose our plans for creating a Wirral Immersive Tech Collective.

It was an amazing turn out of companies ranging from tech app developers, immersive XR developers, companies from London with routes in the Wirral, Wirral Council representation and a lot of people from Liverpool.

The fact that Liverpool people came over to the Wirral was surprising.

After speaking with members of the audience, it is apparent that tech companies are under-represented in the Wirral, a similar sentiment was echoed from the Liverpool audience. This is something the collective want to change, by being a conduit between the tech/immersive scene and the council.

Stay tuned because this is going to be an awesome adventure.

The collective is open to everyone, with the aim to make Wirral the tech capital. We hope to bring in work from companies outside the Wirral, and to keep new and existing talent in this area.

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