We hate basic tutorial posts where they talk about nothing then give you a rubbish explanation. So here are the steps to turn on Comments on Pages in WordPress using Avada Theme Fusion.

  1. Click Avada in the Dashboard
  2. Click Options.
  3. In the Options page, scroll down to the Extra’s tab
  4. In the Extras panel, scroll down to the Comments on Pages.
  5. When you create a page you want comments on, at the top right of the editing page, click the Screen Options to expand and then tick the Discussions option. This will show the Discussions panel at the bottom of the edit page.
  6. Scroll down the page (if it is not shown, your order may be different to ours) and tick the Allow Discussions.

Job done.

You can also do this in the Live Editor but that is for another tutorial.

Why did we make this? Well we searched the Google Machine and Avada tutorials, but could not find what we wanted, so hopefully this will help you.



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