Who is Dr David Tully – Director/Software Imagineer

dave profile

Dave created Scenegraph Studios to bridge the gap between academia and industry. His Ph.D in Real-Time Rendering for visualisations of real-world cities using open data.

During his time at Liverpool John Moores University as a senior, Dave created and taught many courses;

  • Mixed Reality technologies – created and taught
  • Networking for games – modified and taught
  • Physics and AI for Games – created and taught
  • Game Design – modified and taught
  • and many more…

Dave has many years experience in making computer games. Utilising the techniques, algorithms, processes and engines from not only computer game creation but also experience lead immersive experiences.

The experience of technologies Dr Tully has are; Unreal Engine 4, .Net, Monogame, Unity, Blender, as well as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications.

These skills are backed up by his years of experience within the academic world as a Senior Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores university.

Formally a senior lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University lecturing in Computer Games technology and helped to bring in over £200k worth of academic research grants and projects relating to visualisation and data science.

His Ph.D thesis titled “Contributions to Big Geospatial Data Rendering and Visualisation” and research work was to apply the advanced rendering capabilities in the gaming industry and apply it for increased visualisation of real world cities. Dr Tully is applying his skills and academic knowledge to the world of industry, and is still embedded within the academic community as a sessional lecturer and still publishes academic papers and articles.

With many years of Unreal Engine experience as well as the many 3D modelling packages, David has led multiple projects to bridge the gap between the gaming industry and various domains.


  1. Generating a Novel Scene-Graph
  2. Contributions to Big Geospatial Data
  3. Collaborative Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  4. Smart hospital emergency system
  5. Predicting and Visualising City Noise Levels
  7. Investigations into the Development of a Knowledge Transfer Platform for
  8. Hybrid 3D Rendering of Large Map Data for Crisis Management
  9. Developing a Productivity Accelerator Platform to Support UK Businesses in the Industry 4.0 Revolution –
  10. Automated Procedural Generation of Urban Environments Using Open Data for City Visualisation
  11. A Study into Autonomous Scanning for 3D Model Construction
  12. Mesh Extraction from a Regular Grid Structure Using Adjacency Matrix
  13. Virtual sex: good, bad or ugly?
  14. An expert botanical feature extraction technique based on phenetic features for identifying plant species

Dave has always been a creative person with a background in music and touring the UK with his former band, as well as being a private music tutor. Skipping his Masters degree, David was hired as a lecturer while studying towards his Ph.D in visualisation and computer science. David seen there was a gap in the industry knowledge base for real-time rendering and the understanding this can bring to old-school industries.

There is not much to say about me, I love what I do, and I do what I love.

Dave loves playing games and is an avid Fortnite player, meeting the original creator of Fortnite and discussing the future of VR. The love of creation is also shown within the custom arcade table he created with partnering director Nicola.

I love to help people, if we make money then great, if we don’t then I can sleep well that the client is happy.


  • Ideas, Insights & Information (3is) @ Liverpool John Moores
  • Continuing Professional Development – Learning, Teaching and Assessing @ Liverpool John Moores University
  • DESE – Certificate of Participation¬† @ Liverpool John Moores University
  • Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • PROTECT Centre Security Competition, Certificate of Recognition