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Offset carbon footprint by planting trees

We are passionate to announce that at Scenegraph Studios, for every project we secure we will plant 20-trees.

Why are we doing this? At Scenegraph Studios we utilise advanced hardware for our Rendering, Animations, Games, Designs, 3D Modelling… everything that we do is on a computer.

We get a train to work. Our coffee gets delivered from half way around the globe. Our lunch’s contain mainly meat which takes huge amounts of resources to produce.

Drive to meetings.

We watch alot of Youtube to keep up with news, learn the best techniques, and keep on learning… a long story short, we use alot of electricity. This is the reason why we are planting trees, we want to offset our carbon. This is not enough, but it is a start.

How did this all start

We stated we watch alot of Youtube (who doesn’t right?!?) We watch Mr Beast, an YouTube star who spends a lot of money doing silly cool challenges. One of his challenges is to plant 20 MILLION trees’. Yes, that is 20 million, 20,000,000 trees. For every American dollar they raise, they donate to a tree planting services;

Mr Beast and his team has made it incredibly easy, just pop in your bank details, done.

Mr Beast – Twitter | YouTube

Other tree planting schemes/services consist of;

How much carbon do we produce and how to fix it

In 2014, the UK produces 6.5 cubic tonnes of Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) per capita, i.e. 6.4 cubic tonnes for every human in the UK (Google). How can we get rid of this? Well in short; TREES;

1 cubic tonne of wood/timber will absorb 1 tonne of Co2.

The average tree is 0.065 cubic metres (we measured some trees around our office – do not quote us on this average). We used the following site to estimate the average size of a tree – Tree Cubic Volume Calculator.

In this case, the math is pretty easy; 0.065 is 1% of the 6.5 tonnes we need to cover. We need ~100 trees (of the ones we measured) per person to offset our carbon footprint.

Trees per capita

Let’s put this into perspective;

  • UK = 47 trees per capita
  • France 182 trees per capita
  • United States 716 trees per capita
  • Brazil 1,494 trees per capita
  • Australia 3,266 trees per capita
  • Russia 4,461 trees per capita
  • Canada = 8,953 trees per capita

We are vastly behind the rest of the western developed countries. Very depressing.

Fossil fuels

Over 50% of the UK’s electricity comes from fossil fuels. The carbon being released into our environment is monolithic.


Only a small 21% of the UK’s electricity comes from nuclear with these power plants closing over the next decade.

Renewable energy

It is a great feeling that almost 25% of the UK’s electricity is generated from renewable sources. By 2020, this figure is aimed to reach 30%.

What can you do to reduce wasted energy?

As a growing company, Scenegraph is still thrifty about its resources, and this includes electricity and carbon. Here is a list of things that we do to reduce wasted resources;

  • We turn our lights off when we don’t need them on (we are techies and love the dark anyway so this is not a change).
  • We have upgraded our light bulbs to energy saving. This may not seem a big deal but put it this way, a light bulb from the 80s used more electricity than a modern gaming pc at idle (roughly 30watts).
  • We turn off one of our dual monitors when we can (often when we are on Skype).
  • We utilise Render Farms such as the great Sheep-It render farm. Our render jobs get split up into smaller tasks. The reason this is a good thing is we can utilise better advanced hardware which can complete the tasks faster and more efficiently than our PC’s. Think of it as giving your homework to your teacher, they can do it alot faster.
  • Our director Dr David Tully has reduced his meat (4 days a week plant based diet on average) intake after watching Game Changers which highlights how much energy it takes to feed cattle.
  • We clean our PC’s once a month. This may not seem a lot but your computer will overheat which will pump more energy to the fans to try and cool down, creating a vicious cycle or sucking in more dust.

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