New Features

  • Added realistic hands
  • Added option to customise skin colour
  • Extended the underwater level so fish move closer and further away depending on movement
  • Added more scenery to underwater level.
  • Added additional fish that swim around hands when they are still
  • Game setting for music volume and voice volume
  • Added Settings menu
  • Added new Exit doors with glow effects
  • System setting to access and turn off the tracking
  • Optimised all levels for a better frame rate
  • Added our own pause screen
  • Added a new training level
  • Added more info to the training level
  • New breathing exercise – rainbow breathing
  • Added potential for more spawning points inside each mindful level
  • Added a mindful menu config which lets users customise, level, position, exercise and voice.
  • New menu images for app
  • New Desert Island option in mindful area.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusting how grab button works
  • Button presses were counting many times if pressed in for a long time
  • Reduced the number of particles released by the pen magic wand to stop it stuttering
  • Raised volume of the piano
  • Adjusted the orientation of some planets in the sensory room
  • Better collision for teleporting
  • Removed the standing up suit guy from the confidence levels as he was creeping too many people out



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