Feedback from Schools

SpiritVR is doing great with being in schools helping students learn about mindfulness, breathing exercises, and allowing them to experience sensory rooms. Teachers and schools are giving us some good feedback, as well as the students.

From this feedback, it has become apparent that a singular experience is not enough and a course/module is needed to teach students more about mindfulness.

We are now building a full immersive, data capturing, 6 week course on mindfulness.

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SpiritVR – Journey, a 6 week course

Joining forces with an amazing Mindful couch, Suzanne McNee, from, we are building an informed 6 week course teaching Mindfulness.

  • Lesson Experience 01: Mindful Seeing
  • Lesson Experience 02: Mindful Breathing
  • Lesson Experience 03: Body Scan
  • Lesson Experience 04: Mindful Thoughts
  • Lesson Experience 05: Mountain Meditation
  • Lesson Experience 06: Mindful Loving Kindness

The experience will track the user’s mental state by utilising the WHO-5 input which is used by the NHS to track patient anxiety. This information is shown only to the user throughout their journey. It is very important to show a user’s journey through out the learning.

The mindful lessons are to be practiced in life, this is why we aim to have users use the app on a weekly basis.

To make the VR journey more personal, we are giving the users the tools to select their favourite colours, sounds, basic home location, the voice they prefer, and a few other tweakable options.

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