Dev blog update for SpiritVR

Over the month of August, we have been blasting through the development of SpiritVR’s 6 week mindful journey.

Here is a short list of tasks completed;

  • Designs for experiences
  • Working with a professional mindful coach to build a script. This script went through multiple iterations, ensuring the correct language was used, appropriate actions were included and learning outcomes for each lesson were understood.
  • Feather breathing and bubble breathing AI implementation – this algorithm uses AI to track a user’s breathing rate in VR as part of the course. It then analyses it and, over a period of time, alters it to a more relaxed rhythm.
  • Using AI for voice overs (testing only) – to speed up the project and development, we are using voice overs generated by sophisticated AI. The aim of this is to get the timings correct with the interactive experiences.
  • New environments created
  • Choices of preferred colour, home scene, comforting sounds and preferred voices to take you in and out of the experiences.

We have done a lot of other backend development, but this is code which we agree, is not that impressive…unless you like code.

If you do, get in touch and lets have a nerdy techy chat.



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