What are Remote Desktops?

Why pay for expensive computers, or hardware components when you can rent the latest hardware through our cloud platform.

Remote desktops are computers that are held within data-centres which are turned on when you log on through normally a web browser, or a dedicated application.

We provide cloud remote desktops with high-end GPU’s. These are predominantly use for visual development such as Unreal Engine, Blender, 3DS Max, or any of the other 3D technologies.

Choose your tier of GPU on a Windows licensed platform and you are on your way.

Purchase credits at great prices.

We automatically turn off your machine when it is not in use so you save your credits.

Get in-touch to find out more.

We use our GPU enabled remote desktops for hosting Pitch4D – Interactive Presentations for our clients. No need to purchase expensive hardware.

remote Desktop on train