Games are a very creative procedure, and often need many domains of expertise; 2D and 3D modelling, concept creation, programming, and design.

We provide many services related to games;

  • Design consultation
  • Development
  • Full life-cycle development
  • Virtual Reality games
  • Mobile – Android and iOS
  • Augmented Reality games

What are Games?

Games come in many forms; from casual, mobile, console, to pc. Games have the ability to engage all ages for often a number of hours. Games and Gamification provide a mechanism to engage staff, clients, and the public, which make it proficient with marketing a new product, services, or to simply stand out in a crowded domain.

At Scenegraph, we have created games and interactive experiences for clients as well as ourselves. The video above showcases Cypher, a cyber security training game. The aim is to engage students (young and old) to teach them about social hacking, acquiring information from AI characters within the game to crack codes. The application highlights laws which have been broken.