We provide high quality Computer Generated Images and animations. We use a combination of the latest in computer game technology to bring highly realistic renderings for your products, services, explainer videos, or interactive presentations.

CGI VFX Services

What is CGI?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Image. The term is often used when discussing subjects like; Animation, 3D models and visual effects added to a movie. An example of VFX is the flying of Tony Starks Iron Man in The Avengers. Although CGI is generated by a computer, it is often a combination of Artists and Computer which creates brilliant imagery. It is for this reason that CGI takes a vastly long time to generate.

As of late, CGI has been replaced with Real-Time Visualisations. At Scenegraph, we utilise the tool in the industry for real time visualisation – Epic’s Unreal Engine.

We also use a combination of open-source (free) tools to greatly reduce costs for our clients.