CGI VFX Services

We provide high quality Computer Generated Images and animations. We use a combination of the latest in computer game technology to bring highly realistic renderings for your products, services, explainer videos, or interactive presentations.

CGI VFX Services

  • Product Design
  • Animations
  • 4D Presentations – Pitch4D
  • 3D Scanning
  • Real time 3D Web
  • CGI explainer videos

What is CGI?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Image. The term is often used when discussing things like; Animation, 3D models, visual effects added to a movie. An example of VFX is the flying of Tony Starks Iron Man in The Avengers. Although CGI is generated by a computer, it is often a combination of Artist and Computer which creates brilliant imagery. It is for this reason that CGI takes a vastly long time to generate.

As of late, CGI has been replaced with Real-Time Visualisations. At Scenegraph, we utilise the tool in the industry for real time visualisation – Epic’s Unreal Engine.

We also use a combination of open-source (free) tools to greatly reduce costs for our clients.