We are delighted to announce that we are now forming Scenegraph Studios CIC, a community interest company to bring immersive technologies to the local community of Wirral and Liverpool.

Why create a CIC?

Scenegraph Studios was formed with the intention to help businesses, and individuals become more immersive, and to spread the knowledge of the surround technologies (Rendering, Game Engines, Virtual Reality, etc).

We are doing great work with larger companies, but we realise that smaller companies, and more importantly, individuals may not know where to start, what is capable, as well as afford immersive consultants.

Having a CIC allows Scenegraph to apply for funding opportunities which are not available to ‘regular’ companies or sole traders. Grants like these are in the form of providing services to communities. We have worked closely with local charities (The Open Door Centre, BeeWell, The convenience Gallery, and others) to help with immersive technologies, seeing first hand where their CICs help the community.

We have worked with The Convenience Gallery creating websites for their Artists. From talking with the artists, we have realised that something we find simple, many don’t know where to start. This is something we intend to rectify through tutorials, onsite demos, and taking care of the technical side of things, leaving the artists to do what they are good at; creating art.

We are working with The Wirral Chamber to help us set up and they have been amazing with guidance.

Watch this space.



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