We all need to take time to de-stress and clear our minds. Many of us struggle to shut out the every day commotion in order to do this.

SpiritVR is Scenegraph Studios’ first in-house VR product, currently on Alpha release through the Oculus Store.

Immerse yourself in the 360 degree sights and sounds of another World. Explore exciting and immersive vistas and soundtracks whilst practicing mindfulness exercises. Follow along with guided meditation and breathing until you feel refreshed and ready to face the world.


Try our confidence building activities, take control of your confidence journey. Build up your courage to allow you to converse and interact with anybody and everybody.

Become a confident speaker by training in our presentation simulations. Customise the experiences by choosing the audience size, background noise volume and whether to show/hide the presentation slides.


Our sensory experiences have been designed to cater for a diverse audience. Choose from:

A sensory seeker room:

Choose from a light wall, audio station, interactive train set, physical light game, musical instruments, magic wands, physics area, mesmerising video wall, fireworks show and an interactive vibration wall with matching visuals! This experience can:

A sensory avoider room;

Explore the ocean floor, listen to calming music and watch the beautiful fish swim by. The calmer you are and the less you move, the more fish will come to visit you.

spirit vr sensory