Project Description

ScanMeSeeMe is an AR advertising tool for brands, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Simply use your smartphone to scan the QR code and view videos, images, and 3D models all inside of Web AR.

Check out ScanMeSeeMe here:

Scanmeseeme website home page screenshot


The aim of the website was to advertise our in-house augmented reality marketing service: ScanMeSeeMe. The website needs to convey what the service is used for, and demonstrate the practicality, ability, and potential of Augmented Reality content.

 What is Needed:

  • convey Web AR through a website and show its ease of use.
  • Set up a subscription for users to purchase.
  • Show demonstrations throughout for users to view.
  • Logo design and site layout that compliments the ScanMeSeeMe service.


The strategy was simple but the design went through different iterations. The team collaborated closely to discuss and understand the intention of the site. This site was intended to gain subscriptions with accessible AR content in return. Through collaboration with our team, research, and using google analytics, this site evolved to become a portfolio piece, designed to show our work with AR and its capabilities.

To develop the site’s back end and front end development we used WordPress. This allowed us to create the entire site from the basic wireframe to the completed website with images, videos, and user-friendly navigation.

     Our strategy concludes;

  1. Research – We began to research competitor brands to understand their marketing and design in order for ScanMeSeeMe to stand out.
  2. Wireframing – creating a basic design to show the general placement of images, videos, gifs, and text.
  3. Back End Development – We set up servers for hosting, and created data structures for app-less Web AR. Using WordPress to create custom pages and importing content.
  4. Front End Development – Using a combination of Photoshop and video editing software to create fun and engaging content, that is easy to use through a modern smartphone.


A result of creating ScanMeSeeMe and the pivot from a subscriber-based site to a portfolio piece led to more work with new clients.

Following this, we have created AR content for Liverpool John Moores University, Amazing Machines, and The Daniel Adamson just to name a few.