Project Description



The challenge for Salty Miniatures was to create an effective sales tool that allows the client to exhibit and sell his uniquely detailed products, as well as to take care of the visual outline and story telling from the client’s vision. The client already has a good market on eBay and wanted to extend it to a new online store and build their online presence.

The store would need to showcase his current products and services, as well as past sales as Ebay removes these from public view, meaning any visual content is also lost. 

     What is Needed

  • Design and build a website to showcase the work of the client
  • Build the online presence of the client through SEO suggestions.
  • Build an online store.


All of the projects at Scenegraph Studios start with communication between us and the client. Salty Miniatures was no different, beginning with an initial meeting discussing the creative options of development and his needs.

After the initial discovery session, we designed the wireframe and pages of the site, to discuss further with the client, making sure it satisfied their aims, as well as advising on the best functionality and user experience, as the client is not a web developer. Our advice into the user-experience is backed up by years of experience as well as reports from Google into how users use webpages.

     Our Strategy Concludes;

  1. Initial Meeting – communication with the client discussing their needs.
  2. Wireframing – creating the basic layout for the site displaying image, text and page locations.
  3. Back End Development – Begin development of the site using WordPress to create specific pages, and implementing WooCommerce for sales.
  4. Set the client up with login details and email accounts so they can manage their own site. We take care of the server, and they take care of their business. We do offer further support, but in this case, the client is happy to update their store themselves.
Salty Miniatures gallery screenshot
Salty Miniatures Shop page screenshot
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