Project Description



The aim of this site was to market our in-house 3D interactive presentation tool: Pitch4D. The website needs to establish what the tool is used for, demonstrate its ease of use, uniqueness, and benefit to multiple domains and industries.

     What is Needed

  • Design the branding for the site
  • Create content for the site such as images and video demonstrations for users to view.
  • Site layout that promotes the tool and keeps the user interested.
  • Create an online store to sell the software.


The strategy for this site began by working closely with the team to discuss the branding of the site, which included how we will market Pitch4D as a sellable product, and show our innovative 3D tech. This then led to creating effective user experience designs that would make an easy-to-use sale funnel.

We predominantly used WordPress for the website’s back end and front end development. This was a good choice as it is one of the leading sites for website creation. One of the key WordPress plugins we utilized was WooCommerce. This is an e-commerce plugin that allowed us to integrate sales and purchases into the site.

This site was intended to promote Scenegraph Studio’s bespoke presentation service, which can be tailored to any client’s needs following some consultation work. Following this, we found that many users want a quick tool to allow them to download and create their own 3D presentation, without needing to interact with a contractor or developer. The product then evolved to a selection of three downloadable executables, each include a different 3D scene. All with the ability to upload custom 3D content (the user’s own 3D models/scenes) to be featured in the 3D presentation.

     Our Strategy Concludes;

  1. Research into the market, to understand how we should sell the product while making it unique from others.
  2. Wireframing – Begin creating the basic design and layout of the site to show the placement of future content. And ensuring an effective user experience.
  3. Content Creation – Developing the content for the site, such as logo design and making custom videos demonstrating Pitch4D.
  4. Back End Development – Using WordPress to create custom pages that would be needed for navigation. Utilizing WooCommerce to set up Pitch4D as an effective e-commerce site.
  5. Front End Development – Creating appealing content such as images and videos that would successfully market Pitch4D and show its innovation.