Project Description


Using the client’s 2D CAD designs of a partial blueprinted building, we were asked to create a fly-through animation of an extension to an already made sports centre within Cheshire, England. The extension and conversion from internal and external walls of the building needed to be visualised within a very short timescale.

Pearson Surveyors Winsfors Lifestyle Centre Alterations Proposed Sketch Plans SK01 1


The strategy for this particular project was to gather as much information using open data, Google Maps, Open Street Map data and images from inside the building, to build a better picture of what the extension was to look like from the 2D designs.

Communications with the client were purely by email and phone. This was challenging when designing the final product with relation to the visual looks of the materials on the building walls.

For this, we utilised a number of tools; 3D modelling, Unreal Engine 4, Google and Open Street Map.

The Process


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