Project Description


The challenge for this project was to create a fully interactive experience from basic 2D blueprint designs. The client is renovating an existing building, Ellesmere Port Library, by modifying the internal walling, adding a kitchen, fancy toilets, and outfitting the new energy saving lighting throughout the complex.


The strategy was quite different from ordinary projects due to the CAD designs still being generated during the development of the project. We worked closely with the client to understand a new domain.


The approach was simple; split tasks into small sections, having each stage signed off by the client.

  • Task 1: Extrude the building sides, place doorways, windows, and inner walls.
  • Task 2: Create the specific room design with skylights in the correct position.
  • Task 3: Place lights within the scene
  • Task 4: Create 3D models of the kitchen, the toilets, and many other artefacts dotted around the environment.
  • Task 5: Add the interactive controllable character. Add functionality to allow users to change the colours of the walls within the scene.

The Process

Library 08


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Utilising our interactive experience, Pearson Surveyors secured their contract. Nice job!

Chris Pearson

Scenegraph took our 2D CAD designs, and created an interactive 3D scene. The interaction highlighted potential issues and secured the contract. Great work.

Chris Pearson, Pearson Surveyors