Project Description


The challenge for PaulaHoneyBabyMassage is to create a website which allows Paula Honey the ability to showcase her amazing group courses. An initial ‘basic’ site is needed first, with the ability to expand and allow booking onto the 6 week courses. Paula Honey needed a site which expressed her personality, friendship, as well as her professionalism.

As well as a website to showcase the massage course, a logo and design brand is needed.

The needs of the client;

  • A basic website with the flexibility to be developed further to allow client bookings.
  • Set up web hosting – we utilise our own hosting so this step is easy and reduces the costs to our clients.
  • Email hosting – we include this with our hostings.
  • Logo design


All of our projects are completed by a combination of client input and Scenegraph input. We work closely with our clients over a number of meetings; face to face, telephone, and email to guarantee we fully understand their needs. This was no different with Paula. We met multiple times, explaining the possibilities and options available, as well as answering all of her questions.

We developed a 3 stage process;

  1. Initial meeting – we discussed Paulas needs. We take the needs and notes from the meeting, write them up and email back to our clients.
  2. Wireframing – After sign-off and to make sure we are on the same page, we create a basic wireframe of the website. This wireframe shows the outline and locations of images, text, and contact forms.
  3. Development – the creation of the site. We set up the server for hosting, SSL certificates for security, email domains, amongst other development tasks.


Our approach is very simple at Scenegraph. We do not do work if we can not do it. We worked closely with Paula all the way through the website development. Constant emails of updates, as well as a Kanban board of tasks to complete. This allows our clients to see where we are up to on the projects. To do this we utilise Trello.

The logo designed for our client was a mutli-stage process. The client would provide images or a theme, and a message that they want their brand to state, as well as a potential colour theme. Utilising this, we create multiple basic design options for our client. These designs are option very different from each other given the combinations of needs from the client. The client will choose a design, and we create multi variations of this designs. Variations consist of font changes, layouts, colour combinations.

Paula Honey Baby logo version 1   Paula Honey Baby Massage logo version 2   Paula Honey Baby Massage logo version 3#

paula honey testimonial picture

Scenegraph Studios, and Dr David Tully helped me every step of the way. They helped me understand the true potential of having a site that represents myself and the work I do. The logo they created was exactly what I wanted. Very happy.