AR Game

We created an Augmented Reality game for Liverpool John Moores University’s Applicant Day.

Postcards were sent to all applicants, inviting them to scan the QR/AR code, see the university building in AR, then collect LJMU coins, in order to progress to the Application Portal.

We used a combination of 3D modelling, AR.js and Three.js to create this.


Students received a postcard containing the QR/AR code. This code can be scanned through a smartphone or tablet, once redirected to the LJMUAR site, the user can view augmented reality models and can interact with them.

The challenge for this project was to create an augmented reality game, allowing students to interact with a virtual representation of the new university building, Copperas Hill. In this game, LJMU logo coins rise up from the building and must be collected before visiting the portal. 

     What was needed

  • 3D model of the Copperas Hill building, optimised for web.
  • 3D website capable of AR.
  • Particle effects for touch explosions and celebration fireworks.
  • Sound effects when collecting the coins.


The strategy for this site began with our collaboration with the LJMU marketing team, who had some great ideas about what new and interesting marketing techniques they wanted to explore. Scenegraph Studios provided additional ideas, helping to direct the design based on what would work well in AR and what would be available in Web3D. 

     Our Strategy Concludes.

  1. Collaboration – Working with the LJMU Marketing Team to understand their needs.
  2. Development – Using Blender to model the coins and the building. Followed by using Three.js and Javascript to create a site that was capable of displaying the 3D assets in augmented reality, alongside being able to detect the user’s touch on the models, in the 3D space. 
  3. Testing – Checking the site in multiple phones, tablets and browsers.
  4. Marketing –  We set up Google Analytics to understand the client base in order to create more effective sites in the future.


Try the Applicant Day Game by scanning the QR/AR code (best results are when the QR/AR code is flat on a table, as if it was printed on a post card)

LJMU Applicant Day ARQR