Project Description



The Leftbank Collective is a local collective of organisations, artists, community interest companies. These are all based within the Leftbank area (Birkenhead Waterfront). As a part of the Leftbank Collective, Scenegraph Studios took over the web side of things, which included quickly setting up a basic site to advertise the work of the collective, bringing in more collaborators into the mix.


The companies and their employees within the Collective are all friendly, local people, meaning that the communication and justifications of what the site needed to be was a simple task to complete.

This was a basic website to highlight the work and on going work of the Collective.

Quoted from the site itself “Left Bank is designed to showcase some of the great things happening in Argyle / Hamilton / Priory area of Birkenhead. We want to shout that we are here, share what we do but ultimately get you involved! This first walk-around showcases great art, VR, music and much more but is just the start. We want to build this to become the regions biggest and best coming together of creatives, thinkers, shakers, movers, doers and makers in this blossoming creative community. Great to have you with us!