Project Description


The challenge with creating a website for Kismat was to create a restaurant website which did not feel or act like a typical *Indian Cuisine* Restaurant. This demanded high quality photos of the food produced by Kismat as well as high quality photos of the restaurant itself.

Being a forward thinking company, Kismat wanted a mobile first website, but also a website which would be appropriate for desktop. This meant that a reactive website is needed, something which scales to all devices; mobile, tablets, and desktops.

The size of the menu is also a challenge, especially for working on mobile devices; should the text be small to have alot on the page, or should the menu be spread across multiple pages. Spoiler alert, we opted for the former.


Our strategy does not change much between projects. We work closely with the client to understand their needs. For the restaurant it was very easy to understand that they wished to get more bums in seats and sell more take aways meals. How to do this in a clear and concise manner is the difficult part, as we wished to make a website which was not a generic peice of work as with most websites, but to keep it within the very limited budget of the client.

To accomplish this, we need a plan of action, with a concrete design created initial by Scenegraph, and discussed on multiple meetings with the client.

After this, the decision to create a multi page website, 3 to begin with. Wireframe designs was to be created before content is placed within that website.


We have created multiple website (to many to list), and the approach does not change too much between projects, but this project was different due to the nature of selling more than just food, but selling an experience through branding and high-res photos.


The results speak for themselves. The client is happy. We are over the moon.
Check out their site here:

Dave and Scenegraph helped us get our restaurant online, from helping with logo design, suggesting designs, and taking care of all the hosting. We asked for a site and got so much more. Thanks Dave.