Project Description



The challenge for Jon Edgley’s website design was to create a platform allowing him to showcase and sell his artwork online. This website needs to express Jon’s uniqueness and personality, allowing for a truly distinctive site.

What Is Needed

  • To create a website that meets the client’s needs of a portfolio-based sales site.
  • Using Jon’s artwork and designs in order to create an effective user experience.
  • Implementing a e-commerce site in order to create an effective selling platform.


The strategy for this site began with frequent communication between the client and Scenegraph Studios, to clearly gain an understanding on the purpose of the site. This led to advising the client on how people use websites on mobile and desktops, and how they buy online. This was key information for Jon to know as there are various aspects of a website that changes depending on the device, such as layout and interaction.

As Jon would be in charge of the front end of his site, we taught him how to post blogs and add items to the store for people to purchase. Scenegraph Studios was in charge of the back end of this site allowing Jon to strictly focus on building the shop and online presence

To develop the back end we used WordPress which we have great experience in. This website creator also allowed Scenegraph Studios to use the WooCommerce plugin, enabling Jon to sell and customers to purchase through the site.

Our Strategy Concludes

  1. Initial Meeting – an initial meeting to understand what exactly is needed for the site and what its goal is.
  2. Back End Development – Using WordPress and WooCommerce to create an effective sales tool for the client
  3. Communication – teaching Jon how to successfully edit his website in order to update his shop, and add new information to his blog.

We are over the moon that Jon is selling his work/art on his site, allowing him to grow his audience and followers.