Project Description

Challenge brings years of live sessions from ‘Keep The Cash’ game taught in schools in the UK to the digital platform. The aim of iLrnr is to teach financial literacy to young and old through interactive videos and immersive content. This project was a joint collaboration between Keep The Cash and Liverpool John Moores University, who brought Scenegraph Studios on to create a prototype web platform which allows user signup and selling of online courses, these courses include interactive content and media, gives the tools needed for members of KeepTheCash to create their own course content to extend the platform, and tracks users activity to generate certificates for the enrollees.

iLrnr Homepage screen shot


Being a prototype platform that is used as a base for initial course offerings and an exploration into the technologies to seek further investment.

We started with WordPress as the base for the CMS (Content Management System) and added plugins onto this. LearnDash adds the capability to add courses to which content is added too. To add further interactive content we utilised H5P for the immersive games and quizzes.

Currently, iLrnr has over 200 sign-ups on the platform and seeking further investment.

You can sign up to for free and try for yourself their free online course.