Project Description


We were challenged with creating an explainer video for the header of Hughes SubSea Services LTD website.

Hughes SubSea is a subsea services company who are responsible for clearing the sea bed of debris whether it’s removing unexploded bombs, rocks for laying cables, or repairing wind turbines. The video should explain their services, and the tools utilised by the company.

Hughes SubSea has some competitors providing slightly different services and they have explainer videos. The competitor videos all look the same, using the same Revit renderings, very clean, very crisp, but looking quite outdated.

The challenge we faced was to help the customer stand out from the crowd and keep a high resolution of rendering capabilities. Another challenge of this task was to create many of the 3D models; The subsea device, a grabber claw, a cutting claw, a spreader device, a diver as well as being Rigged (allows animations – very time consuming), custom scenes, and many more.

An additional, but not a functional requirement for this project, was the potential to utilise the 3D models, and the visualisation for future projects and applications. These may consist of Virtual Reality explainers and interactive experiences. Utilising the latest in Game Technology, these can be created fairly simply.


Before the creation of any digital assets, a story board was needed. The story board was the base of the visual animation explainer. It explained the virtual camera placement, then length of each camera cut, and guided the placement of assets within the scene.

Using the latest in rendering technology provided by Epics Unreal Engine, we created a real-time visualisation. To accompany this, we used 3D modelling software to create rapid visual prototypes that were signed off by the client.

The Process