Project Description



The challenge for Hellen Songa was to create a portfolio-based website that allows Hellen to showcase her amazing photography. As this site is a personal portfolio for Hellen, we have taught her how to add content to the site to keep it up to date, while we take care of the back end.

It is also important to create this site in line with Hellen’s work, allowing each piece to stand out.

      What is Needed

  • To create a portfolio-based website that meets the client’s needs.
  • Create an effective site based on Hellen’s designs.
  • Use WordPress to develop the back end of the site.


The strategy for this began with the communication between Hellen and Scenegraph Studios to have a complete understanding of what the website was for. Once we understood the purpose of Hellen’s site, we were able to advise on her initial designs and discuss how people use websites through different mediums. This was important in order to create an attractive site that keeps users interested on all devices.

Once the initial designs for the site were sorted, we began our back-end development on the site. This included page layout, navigation using WordPress, and server hosting.

Using our knowledge of WordPress we taught Hellen how to keep her site up to date with new content, and how people use different websites through different mediums. This was done so she has the ability to take control and have complete freedom in what content is added to the website.

      Our Strategy Concludes

  1. Initial meeting – to discuss the purpose of the site and to get a basic layout/design.
  2. Wireframing – begin the development of the site by creating the basic layout including image, text, and page locations.
  3. Back End Development- Going from the basic wireframe to actually implementing the designs and pages, creating an effective website with good user navigation.
  4. Communication – advising Hellen on how to effectively keep the site up to date with new content.