Project Description



Amy from DrippedGoods already had a great sales funnel from her live events and workshops, as well as Instagram and Etsy, but wanted to set up her own e-commerce store expanding her offerings and professional presence to larger audiences.

Amy brought her designs and styles to us, which we adapted to design the front-end design of the website.


At Scenegraph Studios, we use the tools best suited for the job. For e-commerce this would be WordPress, with Woo-Commerce, both are the most used pieces of web software in their fields, WordPress for the content delivery framework, and Woo-Commerce for the set up of the e-commerce store.

Dripped Goods website homepage


We are delighted that the client is happy with the end product. She is continuing to build her business by expanding into the e-commerce world.

We also utilised SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) by tagging the pages of the website with appropriate information to maximize internet coverage as well as increasing views.