Here is what Adam has to say for his first month.

I recently finished my Game Development degree at John Moores University and came straight to working for Scenegraph Studios. In the past month I have been working on a Fire Safety VR project. I had never done a VR Project before other than trying to use the SteamVR Plugin, so this was quite new to me. During the first week I spent most of my time watching tutorial videos and reading the documentation just trying to learn as much as I could for Scenegraphs VR Framework.

The framework has been a lot of fun to work with, and it is so much easier than using the pre-built in VR UE5 stuff. I’ve learned a lot from the past month. The Grab component and Latch components are great fun, though they can be confusing at times as they are very similar in their uses. Though I’m sure with time and practice I can get a full understanding of their functionalities. There is still a lot for me to learn with this engine and framework, though I want to practice a lot more at home. Unreal Engine 5 also introduced a lot of new things that I’m sure will be useful at some point.

Here is what Scenegraph has to say for Adams first month.

Adam has done well to get up to speed with our VR framework, processes, and communication. Knowing that he did not have much experience in VR development (let down by his uni course on this one) his other game development and Unreal Engine experience is transferrable.

The fire safety VR simulation is Adams main task, from concept, design, to development and prototyping, we have giving him alot of room with this to see how he gets on with managing a whole project himself with basic guidance from the team, and Adam is doing well.

We are looking forward to the future project with Adam.



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