New intern starting – Umar

We are delighted to annouce that Umar is to start his first internship at Scenegraph Studios, and internship provided through working with Liverpool John Moores Careers team.

Our director and chief Dr David Tully already knew Umar before he applied to the internship through his lecturing work at LJMU teaching Computer Science.

Umar’s primary role will be related to 3D modelling and preparing assets for real-time visualisations. He will also be working towards building on the initial work on Scenegraphs Augmented Reality Weather application (more on this soon).

Let’s ask Umar some questions and learn more about him.

Why did you apply for an internship?

“At my second year’s first semester, I was introduced to concepts of modelling on games through 3ds max, when doing that module I definitely knew that this is what I wanted to do but it was only available for one semester and I wanted to keep learning about modelling so I realised I could do that through applying for internships and that is why I applied for internships to gain more experience regarding modelling techniques. Scenegraphstudios was looking for a 3D modeller job role and thanks to them they gave me a chance and am getting really good through the practice and models they are giving me to do.”

What do you like to learn and do while you are at Scenegraph Studios?

I want to learn as many modelling techniques as the company can offer, I want to be able to produce any model that they wish to see in 3D and be as accurate as possible. I would also love to learn more about Unreal Engine and be beneficial to the company through that aswell so I could be effective to the team in two different roles.

He has come to the right place for modelling and Unreal Engine 4 development. Scenegraph Studios takes pride in getting the best from people, ourselves, our clients, and our interns. We work closely developing the inhouse skills for rapid prototyping and great visualisations.

“We invest in the right people to build a bigger and better immersive studios”

What do you want to do in your career?

“I want to become a really good modeller, as good as that I can create whatever I see and be able to implement that anywhere like in games.

An internship won’t be long enough compared to years of experience, but we will guide Umar on the right path. We invest in the right people to build a bigger and better immersive studios.

Where do you see yourself in 2, 5, 10 years?

I see that I would be working alot on blender, and would be really good at achieveing the models that I wish or someone else wishes me to create thanks to Scenegraphstudios’s mentoring. I would most likely also do tutorial videos on blender if I learn some new efficient techniques of my own that can be applied on blender to help anyone who wishes to get better in blender.

What games do you play?

I play monster hunter and tekken alot, these two games are the games I mainly spend my time playing ever since I got into the Computer Games Development module, those two games really thaught me how games balancing work and how to be creative with designing anything.

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