TheEveryOneGroup came to Scenegraph due to previous work with visualisation and creative ideas.

TheEveryOneGroup, a brand on inclusion, is creating a central hub for inclusive thinking professionals to come together, collaborate, and learn through immersive storytelling.

TheEveryOneGroup is built of 3 main strands; EveryOne, Belong, Engage.

  • EveryOne is the community.
  • Belong is the articles and news around inclusion and inclusive techniques.
  • Engage is the AI driven training courses and SCORM compliant content.

We are looking forward to developing this project further with the dynamic team at TheEveryOneGroup.

Bringing AI Characters as Tutors

TheEveryOneGroup is focused on building their brand on Inclusion through immersive experiences and using technology to reach a global audience.

With this in hand, Scenegraph Studios is taking care of the technology and learning platform, combining the learning platform with AI creator tutors covering a range of ethnicities. We have been pushing Synthesia for a long time now, and it only seemed right to use this technology as a base for the training courses of Inclusion.



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