We decided on the name Scenegraph Studios for a multiple of reasons;

  • It is a technique for organising and generating 3D Scenes used in Games/VFX
  • Dave used the technique to create 3D cities in his Ph.D and organised some cool rendering algorithms.
  • It sounds cool to tech people

This last one might be where the mistake came from haha the ‘normal’ person has no idea what it is, and I think it shows on our search results on Facebook.

  1. Scenegraph Studios = cool
  2. scenegraph = alright
  3. scenegraphystudio = alittle wrong
  4. scenegraphy studio = still a little wrong
  5. scenegrapher = cool name for an employee but we aint that douche yet… give it time.
  6. scenegraphy com = bit weird but we get it lol
  7. david scenegraph = the SEO is working for our old posts

Some other names we have been called on the phone by clients or new contacts;

  1. Scen-e-graph studio
  2. Scenegraphic
  3. Scen-e-graphic
  4. Sene-e-graphic Studios <- this one is our favourite haha
  5. Scene Studios

Anyway – this aint suppose to be a serious blog post, but thought it would get a laugh.

Have a boss day!



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