Our intern sponsored by Liverpool John Moores University has been with us for over 6 weeks now (to be honest, we are a bit late with posting this, but business is booming). We have known Callum throughout his university days as Dave taught him, hence why we wanted him for the internship.

Let’s see how hes getting on.

Question 1: You are 6 weeks into your internship at Scenegraph. How have you found it?

In the past 6 weeks, I have been introduced to new software and am thoroughly enjoying the flexibility and variety of my work. Each day is different and working on different jobs, learning new skills is what I want from a career.

Question 2: During this time, Covid struck which through a spanner in the works – do you feel this effected your work or do you think working from home has been a good adjustment?

In terms of COVID-19, it has definitely affected my work. Not being face to face with Dave and getting direct feedback on things would be preferred, however, with the power video calls, everything can be solved. Dave is always on hand to answer questions and provide help when needed. Working from home and ensuring I get my work done is another challenge as I have to ensure I stick to a schedule.

Question 3: How has the mentoring been from Scenegraph?

At Scenegraph, if I have an issue or need help with anything, the aid is always there. My progress, work completed, and challenges are constantly reiterated. Communication has been amazing throughout the 6 weeks, especially at this time, where we can only rely on video calls and texts.

Question 4: What technologies have you been exposed to which are different from what you already know? What do you like about these new technologies?

I have thoroughly enjoyed being exposed to new technologies! In particular; the Hololens. In the past I have worked with VR headsets, which generally completely immerse the user but at a graphical cost. I have never been exposed to advanced AR headset technology before. I am used too mobile applications like snapchat etc. The Hololens is a very advanced mixed reality headset and I look forward to creating innovative apps and solutions with Scenegraph.

Callum at work

Callum at work

Question 5: What skills have you learnt, if any, during your time at Scenegraph?

Being exposed to the likes of Unity, Twinmotion and Vuforia has allowed me to develop new skills within the software. As previously mentioned, I have thoroughly enjoyed having a variety of jobs to complete. As a game’s development student, you would expect me to just want to work with games, because of my time at Scenegraph, that is not the case anymore. At Scenegraph, I have been exposed to various industries, and working on projects for various industries and companies has been a real experience and I look forward to doing more.

Question 6: Do you feel the internship has been worth it up to now?

The Internship has definitely been worth it. In reference to my answer in the previous question, my internship at Scenegraph has completely changed my career perspective. Of course, I would love to work with games, but I am just as content working on innovative projects, apps and solutions for other design industries.

Question 7: Would you advise other students to apply for an internship?

I cannot speak for other internships and it is not my place to recommend internships as a whole as you could be placed in a poor one. However, I would recommend Scenegraph to any student in the design, computer science department. At Scenegraph, you are not only advancing on your current skills, but you are also exposed to new software and technologies, which is challenging and exhilarating. For myself, I enjoy diversity in my work, and at my internship, there has definitely not been a lack of project variety.



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