From running a company, building our brand, and gaining as well as working with clients, social media is needed to get the Scenegraph name out there.

With so many social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, our own blog posts, and everything in-between, we have found it hard to keep the quality of our posts on top form. It is, for this reason, we, as a company, have decided to leave Twitter and focus on the social media platforms which we can help the most people on.

For us, this would be LinkedIN, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. More specifically, we have chosen these platforms for specific content in mind.

Why LinkedIN for Business

LinkedIN may not seem like a social media platform, but it is one of the top 3 social media platforms (not including Fortnite but that’s covered on an old post).

LinkedIN is a platform for businesses to connect and communicate.

We have found great success with achieving work from LinkedIN, most recently being the Girmit 360 VR experience.

With this being said, the content focus on LinkedIN will be informative of what services and products Scenegraph Studios can provide and how this will help other businesses.

Why Instagram for knowledge sharing

The original goal of setting up Scenegraph Studios is to help others to utilise immersive technologies (Game Engines, 3D renders and animations, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and everything inbetween).

Instagram started as an image sharing platform, dominated by influencers, and media outlets. In modern times, we have seen alot more knowledge sharing from companies (like us) who believe in sharing the secrets of business, programming, and development. The ethos behind this is it will build a better and bigger community of immersive technology specialists, as well as demonstrating the skills required for providing these services.

For this reason, the Scenegraph Studios Instagram page will share small snippets of secrets, and tutorials through carousels.

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Why Facebook for Visuals

Many believe Facebook has changed in recent years due to many younger technology users using Instagram, and Facebook being a new life with the older generation. This may or may not be the case, but we still believe a presence on Facebook is needed for sharing company updates, content which is too personal to be on LinkedIN, and not a tutorial series aimed at Instagram. Thus Facebook will be our home for general updates of working on-site, working on projects, and a bit more fun interactions.

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Why we are leaving Twitter (for now)

For a simple explanation, we want to focus on the social media platforms where we can help the most people, as well as focusing on the platforms our content is most appropriate.

Twitter it seems is for up to date news, and world politics, as well as instant feedback to companies. It is easier to get a response from larger companies by posting a complaint about the company on Twitter than it is to go through email. Scenegraph Studios set out to bring Games technology, and Immersive strategies to businesses and individuals, hence we feel social media platforms such as LinkedIN and Youtube is more appropriate.

Another reason for leaving Twitter was because we shared the same content as we did on Facebook and other platforms. We now feel this is removing the trust from our viewers, our readers, and fans (not that we have many but this is why we are re-focusing, to build the Scenegraph community), as well as being pretty annoying seeing the same posts on different platforms.

Goodbye Twitter, hopefully we will be back soon with more appropriate content for your platform.



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