We had the great pleasure of catching up with our good friend Gino from Eruptmedia. We spoke about how he gets his clients improved sales with their eCommerce sites and how he approaches social media advertising.

If you run an eCommerce site, you should definitely watch our video blog. We learned a lot, and you will too.

Gino was kind enough to write in his own words explaining his daily workflow;

A normal day at Eruptmedia concise of mainly working on 3 things:

1) Client Attraction Systems to get new clients

2) Client Results systems to get the best results for existing clients

3) And Maintenance Systems to streamline the Businesses processes.

With client attraction, I look to utilise Attention or money to get clients. E.g. for Attention, I build up my social profiles or work profiles (Upwork/LinkedIn) to be attractive to potential clients, I post in Facebook groups to build authority within my industry and build mutual partnerships. E.g. we also utilise money to get clients such as using VA’s to get in contact with e-commerce businesses I know we can help (qualified businesses) and a referral program that is attractive to a client.

With client results, we have a workflow in place with erupt media team members and as long as we work with qualified businesses, there should be no reason why we can’t deliver e.g. A minimum of 2X ROI (return on investment) over a 90-day period. We obviously strive to blow this out the water! Also, we carry out weekly team members and monthly client calls. A lot of our daily communication is through a platform called slack and to explain things to clients in greater detail we use a software called loom to send video responses. We typically communicate with clients after lunch as we like to utilise the morning period for client attraction.

Typically, maintenance tasks are done after these 2 have been done. E.g. end of month books, improving on-boarding system for new clients, website Improvement, or doing a new case study!

Overall this is a typical day Monday to Friday at Eruptmedia.

Some days we only focus on client attraction or clients results as these are the 2 most important if we have a lot on during the day! For example, potential client meetings as well as existing client meetings.

Site: www.Eruptmedia.co

email: gino@eruptmedia.co



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