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Confused about how Immersive tech can get your brand, company, or product noticed and in the thoughts of your users. You are not alone. It is also difficult to know what questions you should be asking.

Read our Frequenly Asked Questions.

What services do you provide?2021-10-12T08:43:46+00:00

At Scenegraph Studios, we provide many services relating to 3D. Here is a small list of services;

  • Interactive Presentations – Pitch4D
  • WebAR – Augmented Reality QR codes for marketing – ScanMeSeeMe
  • Virtual Reality app development
  • Augmented Reality app development
  • Snapchat filters
  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Facebook SparkAR
  • Realtime rendering
  • Prototype development
  • Consultation
  • … and many many more interesting applications of 3D technologies
What is Virtual Reality – VR?2021-10-31T08:32:27+00:00

Virtual Reality, or ‘VR’ as it is commonly known, is the placing of a user within a virtual world often using a singular headset. The headset transports the user to another world, while removing them from the real world. VR is normally a singular experience, but with more work, communal VR experiences are becoming more common; think 2nd-Life but using VR headsets.

What is UX?2022-06-08T10:57:47+00:00

UX stands for User Experience. Many people often confuse this with User Design, but use design feeds into user experience. Many developers, creators, builders, create experiences for how they believe the application, device, product will be used. This is often wrong, and results in many wasted hours of work. At Scenegraph, we pride ourselves in the understanding of our clients clients. We will guide our clients on the understanding that they are not making or developing something for themselves, but for their clients.

What is ScanMeSeeMe?2021-10-12T08:55:34+00:00

ScanMeSeeMe.com is our branded WebAR platform allowing users to view videos on printed materials without the need for Apps. The platform allows 3D models as well and bespoke immersive experience. Being WebAR and no need for users to download an App, ScanMeSeeMe provides analytics so you know how many people are looking at your flyers, your videos, or 3D models. Check out www.ScanMeSeeMe.com for more details.

What is Pitch4D?2021-10-31T08:32:46+00:00

Pitch4D is our branded immersive 4Dimensional presentation software. We take your PowerPoint presentation and place it into a fully interactive 3D environment. Visualise your next building, and allow your clients to walk around. No more pre-rendered videos, only real-time animations, walk-throughs, and fly-throughs.

No need for expensive computers or hardware, we provide cloud hosting for a surprisingly cheap cost. Why spend money on expensive equipment when you can use ours.

Check out www.Pitch4D.com for more details


What is involved in website creation?2022-06-08T10:59:20+00:00

Websites are very different in modern times and require many aspects to think about; Design, Front end, Back end, as well as the marketing parameters needed such as emails, SEO, SEM, advertising and marketing.

The design process covers the details such as colours, brand guidelines, the images to use, the fonts to stand out but also to be readable.

The front end often requires thought about how your customers/clients will use your site. This requires careful thought about where the navigations links, the titles, text content, as well as what information should be shown first. This all needs to be designed and coded. There are ‘off the shelf’ templates which can be utilised but you will often want something bespoke to your desires. Front end designs need to also consider the devices the users will have; mobile phone, tablets, or desktop. These devices have vastly different sizes which need to be considered, as well as coded.

The back end is the main configuration. If you are a developer, or handy with basic programming or configurations, you should be comfortable with back end development. If not, then web developers are not too expensive.

The need for marketing is depending on why you are creating your website in the first place. The main focus is to get an audience, new or old, returning and keeping up to date with your content, products, or brand. You also need to create a ranking within Google, which you may have already heard with the very often used SEO – search engine optimisation.

At Scenegraph, we develop our own sites; ScenegraphStudios.com, Pitch4D.com, ScanMeSeeMe.com.

We have also created many client sites; check out our Portfolio for more examples.


What is Augmented Reality – AR?2021-10-31T08:32:23+00:00

Augmented Reality, AR as it is commonly known as, is the merging between the real world and the virtual world, often through a mobile device such as a tablet, or smartphone, or maybe a webcam, acting as the virtual camera, and on said screen virtual 3D objects are placed into positions overlaid in the real world. Some applications use image processing techniques to detect flat surfaces from the real world to place said virtual objects.

The future of AR is through worn glasses such as the Hololens, Hololens 2, and the Magic Leap headset. These are often classes as Mixed Reality (MR) headsets as they merge the 2 worlds together with some form of spatial mapping. Mixed Reality has become the common term for AR.

What games do Scenegraph develop?2021-10-31T08:32:17+00:00

We are a creative and immersive marketing company with many years experience developing software and computer games. For your company and brand, we would develop a bespoke experience which can include virtual reality, augmented reality, as well as classic games which we brand with your identity. From creating and building Arcade Coffee Tables with custom branded Pong. We provide custom branding for the following style of games, but we are not limited to these.;

  • Pong
  • Breakout
  • Tetris
  • Space invaders
  • Snake
  • 2D Platformers like Mario
  • 3D games
  • Virtual Reality experiences
  • Augmented Reality experiences

See our Games page for some cool images of our games.

See our blog post for details on our custom Arcade Coffee Table.

Website payment terms?2020-08-16T21:46:07+00:00

For the majority of web design projects, we ask for 50% upfront, and 50% on completion. Wireframe designs which are referred to on project completion and demonstration.

I have a site already, can you transfer it?2020-08-16T21:45:51+00:00

Yes, depending on the content, the server infrastructure, the database, etc. If you already have a WordPress installation, we can transfer it for you but may incur additional charges.

How much do you charge for Web Design?2020-08-16T21:42:51+00:00

We have a number of packages available here?

How long does a Website take to create?2020-08-16T21:50:30+00:00

On average, for a basic site, it takes 4 to 5 weeks, which includes communication with client, designing wireframe layouts, presenting the wireframe designs to the client, development, and deployment.

For a larger site, it can take longer, depending on the scope as well as if it needs third party companies involvement.

Do your websites work on mobile devices?2021-10-31T08:30:49+00:00

Yes, we create your site with mobile in mind, creating a website that is responsive to many, if not all devices, and browsers.

Do you provide email addresses?2020-08-16T21:34:33+00:00

Yes, our packages all come with a number of emails addresses. These email addresses can be anything you wish at your domain. For example, we utilise multiple emails; info@scenegraphstudios, david.tully@scenegraphstudios.com, and a few others. If you wish for more, we can add them on as you need.

Do you provide domains?2022-06-08T10:57:04+00:00

We can help you purchase your new domain, or purchase a domain on behalf of our clients, but it is cheaper for the client to purchase a domain and give us login access to sort the backend details, but billing remains with the client.

Their are many domain name checkers out there – Siteground, GoDaddy, Goolge and many others.

When you are thinking about a domain for your company, you want to obviously think of something unique, short, and memorable, and more importantly, easy to spell. You also want to think about the TLD, the Top Level Domain which is .com (pronounced DOT COM), .co.uk, .net, .io. You do not want to purchase a domain such as .co.uk if the .com has been taken by a competitor.

Can I sell items on my website?2020-08-16T21:39:01+00:00

Yes, you can sell items on your website. Ecommerce software will be installed to the hosting server on your website which allows products to be uploaded and sold. WooCommerce is one of the best Ecommerce plugins for WordPress which allows you to create an Ecommerce site relatively easily.

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