Yes, if you have read our previous post, we have submitted multiple proposals to the Eurovision song contest Liverpool event in 2023.

This one was a bit smaller than the previous mobile 360 streaming portals.

The proposal was to work with refugee Ukrainian artists to learn about their story, give them funds to create art, and then turn this art into an immersive 360 Virtual Reality experience. The art, stories, and VR experience will be show cased in an art show closer to the live Eurovision event.

The VR 360 experience will be available through YouTube and Facebook and thus available forever… or until those platforms end… by that time we will be living in the metaverse anyway so always 360.

So why are we sharing this info which other companies are very protective about? Well in short, we want share our process and understanding of how proposals are done with tech and collaborating with other companies (Convenience Gallery), and artists. Scenegraph is just over 5 years old now, which is still quite young, and proposals like this would have helped us get a grasp on what is needed… but also what is not needed. We are all about growing our company and help grow the companies around us.

Download the proposal below.

PS. Sadly we did not get this one either. We wonder if the price was too large… the break down had a majority of the money go to the artists, so a nice split between all parties. We know that the application has over subscribed (hundreds of proposals) so the competition would be very high. The panel did say they passed the idea onto the marketing team who might be in touch. This is a good feedback as not all companies had this response… some got a simple reply, so we see it as a win for a proposal which was written from 1 meeting (30 mins) and 30 mins of writing and iterating.



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