The Eurovision is coming to Liverpool in 2023 which is amazing news for the local economy and the Eurovision culture.

With Eurovision coming, the local council asked for proposals for projects to link Liverpool with Ukraine, be that local artists and Ukraine artists, working with refugees, or creating visuals with Ukrainian culture.

With that remit, we proposed the idea of creating a 360 portal between liverpool and Ukraine.

Hire staff would walk around Liverpool with 360 cameras attached to them, in a backpack on a pole, with the 360 video stream being beamed to a custom made web portal, YouTube, and Facebook.

The same would be done in Ukrainian cities through contacts we have in Ukraine.

4G/5G dongles would be used to transmit the video streams to a web server. Scenegraph would create the online web portal where a user can view different video streams.

Being a web portal, this can be viewed on the touch screens dotted around Liverpool and other locations. These touch screens are like the ones in McDonalds.

Sadly our proposal did not get the green light. As a company, we want to showcase our ideas, our proposals (green lit or not), and our work processes, to highlight how we work differently and how we create achievable technology driven immersive projects.

Thus we have put the proposal PDF, including costings, processes, designs, etc.



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