We had the exciting opportunity to offer a work placement to a student from Wirral Met College. Conor Green, studying Digital and Computing Technologies, joined us for a week in October.

Conor is a local lad from the Wallasey area, and was the perfect fit for our company; interested in tech, a solid work ethic, and a nice friendly person.

His time in the office concluded with working on our live site, SpiritVR, creating web games for our inclusive, immersive website that extends the functionality of our new VR product.

Work completed:

  • H5P games for SpiritVR 
  • WordPress web development
  • Custom design work
  • VR debugging and testing

The internship was only a short 5 days in the office so it was important to give Conor achievable goals while also including enough learning to increase his understanding of tech.

Conor has worked with us previously over his summer holidays from college, working from home during lockdown. During this this time he acquired a basic understanding of WordPress. This included creating pages, posts and other cool features for making his own websites.

The Week:

Monday & Tuesday consisted of setting up his own website and installing the required software. After this Conor tried out creating H5P content, designing his own games in a safe virtual environment. To be honest, we thought this would take an intern all week and we did not intend for him to be let loose on a live site.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday consisted of logging into www.SpiritVR.co.uk to recreate the games he initially created on the dummy test site, with tighter guidelines from ourselves. He also completed custom design work to accompany the games.

Check out his work by registering for free on www.SpiritVR.co.uk to access the games and find further information regarding using technology and Virtual Reality for tackling society’s issues.

In between the web game development, Conor performed quality assurance on our suite of VR applications for SpiritVR. He found a few bugs which we were unaware of. These bugs were articulated precisely and also included useful user feedback on the experiences that he tested.

Any future employer would be lucky to have Conor as an addition to their team.

A quote from Conor:

It was great, I enjoyed the work I did and being able to make contributions towards a professional site. Everyone at the Scenegraph was really helpful and I got along with everyone.



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