Since starting at Scenegraph Studios, I have been given the opportunity of working on various amazing projects. Firstly, I had a small hand in helping with the Bloom Fireworks Show. My involvement in this project consisted of converting the .ai files of the various company logos into .svg files, for them to be extruded and transformed into working 3D meshes in Blender.  Each model was then tidied up by reducing its vertices, so they could later be imported into the Unreal Editor and applied to the custom fireworks explosions. However, the main bulk of my time has been spent tackling social media campaigns and creating and designing Augmented Reality SnapChat filters. This has been a new and very interesting challenge, but something I have thoroughly enjoyed so far!

Social Media Development

For the social media campaigns, and with the help of Canva, I have been able to set out, design, and schedule a series of coordinated activities, events and posts aimed at achieving specific goals for the company over a set period, which take place across multiple social media platforms. These goals include the expansion and increase of Scenegraph Studios renown on Social Media, as well as wanting to display the good work that we are doing!

Happy Bonfire Night    Untitled

Augmented Reality Development

To create the AR SnapChat filters for Halloween and Bonfire night, I used Lens Studio, here I was able to import 3D models and attach them as 3D objects to my head. Using world tracking, this locks the object to the scene, so the 3D object works in unity with the movements of my head. Thus, creating an amazing AR experience! We create these filters for anyone that wishes to display their own custom filter for an upcoming event. These filters can then be directly accessed via your smartphone using the SnapChat app.

As well as creating 3D and animated filters, I have also designed and worked on standard 2D SnapChat filters, which are now published on ‘Etsy’ and are available for purchase. These filters are designed with key events in mind, ranging between but not limited to Christmas filters, Birthday filters, New Years eve filters, and wedding filters.


I look forward to my future with Scenegraph Studios and the amazing work that we will create and publish together.



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