Well today (25/06/2022) we demoed SpiritiVR at the awesome Birkenhead park.

It was full-on all-day demoing VR to alot of different cool people from 11 to 4. Technically we had to cut it short by 15 minutes because the headsets ran out of juice, but to be fair, we did not thing we would have a line for 5 hours.

Some of the highlights for us personally is seeing peoples faces, both young and old, view VR for the first time.

We set the VR up in our Sensory Room in SpiritVR as its the most interactive and good for a demo for the first time due to it have basic teleport movement, grabbable (not too sure how to spell that, or if its even a word lol) objects, interactive musical instruments and walls, and full screen video screens.

It was a good day and we owe it to the Youth Federation and Steven Chan for inviting us, as well as a special mention to Zillo Wirral for introducing us to members of the team.

Zillo even got us an interview with one of their young reporters – very cool.

Stay tuned as we will be doing VR demo days at our office soon.



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