Adam Crofts

Adam technically starts on the 1st of June, but we are too excited to keep the news to ourselves.

Adam has recently graduated from the Liverpool John Moores University Games Development course. Our co-director Dave taught Adam for his 1st and 2nd year of university and always had him in mind for a development role. Although it has been a few years since working together, we’ve stayed in contact through LinkedIN. Adam’s personal work outside of University was amazing to see, we always like when people code/develop outside of university or work… plus he is just a nice dude with a great work ethic.

Job Role

In short, Adam will be taking a lot of responsibility for the further development of SpiritVR and our VR-4-Good applications.

Adam’s background in game development will prove beneficial for the work the we are doing at Scenegraph with the Metaverse, digital-twins, visualisations, and 3D immersive experiences.

To say that we are excited is an understatement. This is going to be epic.



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