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We are bringing art galleries to the forefront of viewing anywhere in complete 3D for desktop and mobile devices, hosting artists and their works on a monthly basis.

Featured Artist

Someday: at some time in the future that is not yet known or not started

For Someday; Jon Edgley has brought together a selection of digital drawings from 2018-2021. The artworks are part of Edgley’s on going drawing practice and capture moments of laughter, suffering, confusion with a dose of humour.

Jon Edgley is a Liverpool based artist.

My practice consists of drawing, curation and performance and sometimes I make objects. My practice explores my existence, class and position as a minimum wage worker, artist, curator, son, brother, cashier, shelf-stacker, customer and any other role required from me in my daily life.

Find his work at jonedgley.com or on Instagram

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