The 2nd January is the national science fiction day.

Although Scenegraph Studios is not a science fiction company, it does feel like we are in the beginning of the future of science fiction by using Virtual Reality headsets to go to different places… virtual places.

Some of these places consist of;

  • Virtual Reality War Museum simulator, where you can curate your own VR war museum. This is more of a passion project for Scenegraph as we love sandbox simulators (Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Theme Hospital, etc). Our internal framework we have built over the last few years allows us to quickly prototype and build functionality into apps with little problem, thus we thought we would build something not for a client, but for ourselves.
  • FireSafety VR simulator. We are moving more towards corporate offerings with Virtual Reality as we see the value in VR training for hazardous processes.
  • SpiritVR – our virtual reality app which aims to help with confidence building, anxiety reduction, and improving mental stability and resilience.
    • This app takes the users to mutliple places; sensory rooms, presentation suites, under water, beaches, the stars, and lots of others.
  • Our other VR mental health app created for a good client of ours – TheOpenDoor Charity, where the user is taken to outer space, sunny beaches, and cold artic scenes.

We are stoked about the other experiences we have made for clients and this article is pretty much a brag on the cool scenes we have made and are currently making. Our next project is making a VR Liverpool skyline to show carbon usage and rising sea levels in an immersive vr film.

Stay tuned for our video blogs for that project.



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